What to Look for during Debris Cleanup in Westfield, IN

All disasters, whether human-made or natural, have one common characteristic: voluminous debris that is scattered and strewn everywhere. Debris cleanup might seem like a straightforward job that only requires many hands to get the task done. However, beyond what is readily visible, potential dangers can be hidden under the broken scraps and remnants that an untrained and inexperienced eye might not be able to see or detect.


When ServiceMaster DSI dispatches our teams for debris cleanup duty, your safety is our priority. Some concerns are obvious, like shards of glass, torn and ragged metal, dangling tree limbs, and broken beams that once supported the structure of your home or business. Our disaster restoration services can readily address and restore these fundamental issues.  However, what about the unseen hazards such as chemical spills that can be odorless but still very toxic to your lungs, eyes, and skin, or electrical wires that may be obscured by debris but still “live” and potentially dangerous? Moreover, surrounding the Westfield, IN, area where agriculture is one of the mainstays of the Hoosier economy, any spillage or scattering of liquid or dry fertilizer can have a profound effect on your immediate environment and health.


The first step in disaster restoration is debris cleanup, and an untrained eye may not recognize the potential unseen threats. Our debris cleanup teams are trained to identify, contain, and properly dispose of any contaminated and harmful debris.


Following the debris cleanup, our ServiceMaster DSI professionals will assess the situation anew and provided a full disaster restoration plan that will get your business back up and running, or your home returned to its pre-disaster condition.

With disaster comes debris. However, our Westfield, IN, ServiceMaster DSI is available and ready 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Be assured that our ServiceMaster DSI professionals will readily address all of your disaster restoration needs whether they be small or large. Call us today at (317) 559-2231.


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