Saving Your Carpets from Disaster with Carpet Cleaning in Plainfield, IN

You found it! You found the perfect Oriental rug—perhaps more expensive than you wanted, but when laid on the living room floor, this rug says “family heirloom.”

Looking out the window, you see that the sun is shining, but the weather forecast calls for drenching rains and possible tornadoes in Plainfield, IN. First, you hear the tapping rain, and then, the drops turn forceful, raging against the windows. The sky becomes an eerie emerald hue, then a momentary stillness before a locomotive-sounding force lifts off the roof, breaks the windows, and rain and debris deluge your new office or home in the blink of an eye.

Your perfect one-of-kind Oriental rug at home and the plush carpet at work is seemingly destroyed, and your first thought is that they will have to be replaced.

But, do they?

While you can’t replace a family heirloom or the feeling of accomplishment between your toes, you most certainly can restore these damaged items. That’s why we at ServiceMaster DSI are in business. We are the restoration pros, especially when it comes to carpet cleaning. In fact, ServiceMaster DSI first introduced carpet cleaning to its list of services all the way back in 1952. That’s 67 years of carpet cleaning development and expertise.

And when it comes to carpet cleaning after a natural disaster, whether it be water damage or smoke damage, you need the best equipment available and technicians who are experts in their field. Because when a wet and soiled carpet isn’t cleaned correctly, the potential for mold and other bacteria to reproduce and cause illness grows exponentially.  There is no need to risk your health by enlisting the service of part-time cleaners or by you renting a carpet cleaner from one of the big box stores when you can rest easy and be assured knowing the job will be done promptly and correctly by the ServiceMaster DSI professionals who have been trained especially for disaster restoration while using the best carpet cleaning equipment available.


Your carpets will be cleaned with state-of-the-art high-powered truck-mounted equipment. We begin with a hot water extraction of water and debris. This is followed by the application of our proprietary cleaning solution and machine cleaning. A thorough rinsing ensues, which ensures that any cleaning residue is not left behind and leaves you with peace of mind as well as a beautifully restored carpet or rug.

When it comes to carpet cleaning restoration after an unexpected disaster, you can trust the team that is able to put 67 years of carpet cleaning know-how to work for you. For immediate assistance in Plainfield, IN, contact us today at 317-559-2231.

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