When You Need Trauma Cleaning Services in Zionsville, IN, You’ll Want a Professional Trauma Cleanup Team

When you call our ServiceMaster DSI offices in Zionsville, IN, for trauma cleaning services, this is what you can expect:


Empathy and Understanding — We realize that when you call, you have just experienced a situation and scene that most people never encounter, and never want to. We train our professional trauma cleanup teams to listen, to remain calm, and to work quickly and quietly. Our clients appreciate the experience of our teams and the unobtrusive way they complete their work.


Discretion and Dignity — Many trauma scenes are personal in nature, which means personal harm inflicted on someone known — not a random crime scene. Crimes of passion and suicide create many trauma scenes, which can complicate the situation even more for the person now responsible for finding a trauma cleaning service.  You can trust our ServiceMaster DSI professional trauma cleanup teams to treat each location we encounter with discretion and dignity.


Professionalism — A new trauma scene cleanup requires professionalism on two levels. The first level is as previously mentioned: trauma scenes are typically personal in nature and call for empathy, understanding, discretion, and dignity. The second level is the primary reason for calling, and that is the straightforward necessity that a trauma scene needs cleaning and restoration by an experienced and trusted professional trauma cleanup team. Our teams are doing more than just cleaning and restoring; they’re creating the opportunity for a new start where something tragic once took place.


If you need trauma cleaning services in Zionsville, IN, we understand the unexpected stress you may currently be under. We’re here to help. Our emergency services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  You can trust us to treat your trauma scene with discretion and dignity. Be assured that the entire area will be cleaned and restored to its original state, or ready and primed for something new.


Call our Zionsville, IN, office today at (317) 559-2231.

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