Preparedness Month in Indiana: Prevent Storm Damage and Stay Safe

Did you know that in 2018—according to the National Weather Service—heavy storms in the US caused 54 recorded fatalities, hundreds of injuries, and $1.6 billion in damage? And that doesn’t even include the flooding that can come along with the heavy rain of a storm.

Prepare your business in Noblesville, IN, to mitigate and avoid the damages caused by heavy Indiana storms. At ServiceMaster DSI, we’re experts in storm damage cleanup and all the related damages from water and fire. This month, we’re spreading the word about Preparedness Month and helping local businesses avoid—or at least mitigate—disaster.

Follow these basic guidelines to prepare you and your business for heavy storms:

  • Reckon your situation. Before you create a disaster plan, reckon your area and resources. Are you on a flood plain and so more vulnerable to flash flooding? Are there trees or branches near your building that could damage the structure or power supply? Does your building have a good room for occupants to take shelter?
  • Craft a plan specific for your business. Ensure your business has basic supplies like first aid, water, and a radio for weather updates. However, also make sure you have contingencies in place to protect the operation of your business. Ensure you have backups of data and you can access it. If your business requires storm damage cleanup, have a plan in place so that your employees can work elsewhere, if possible.
  • Monitor the weather. It sounds simple—and it is—but one of the most common mistakes is simply not keeping an eye on potentially dangerous system. You might have a good disaster plan, but you need to have an eye on the sky to make it worthwhile.

These are the basic beginnings of preparing your business for storm damage. These are the first steps, and none can really be condensed into quick and easy bullet points. Don’t skimp on planning this preparedness month, and you might just save your business a lot of worry and money.

Even the best plans can’t prevent storm damage. When you need it, count on ServiceMaster DSI in Noblesville, IN, for professional and fast storm damage cleanup. We’ll get your business back and running ASAP. Call us 24/7 at (317) 559-2231.

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