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What to Look for during Debris Cleanup in Westfield, IN

All disasters, whether human-made or natural, have one common characteristic: voluminous debris that is scattered and strewn everywhere. Debris cleanup might seem like a straightforward job that only requires many hands to get the task done. However, beyond what is readily visible, potential dangers can be hidden under the broken scraps and remnants that an […]

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Cleaning Up a Hoarder House in Indianapolis, IN

How do you even begin to clean up a hoarder’s house in Indianapolis, IN? Where do you start? The basement? The attic? The kitchen? The living room? Where?   In a hoarder’s house, you can have your choice of where to start because every spare square foot of space is stuffed with something. However, once […]

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Mold Removal: Combatting This Subtle Saboteur in Plainfield, IN

Maybe you’ve had a cold that you just can’t shake. Every morning you wake up with a stuffy nose and sore throat, red and watery eyes, and a cough accompanies you throughout the day.   You may not have a cold. Instead, you may be experiencing allergy symptoms from mold.   Seemingly minor cold-like irritations […]

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Breathing Clean Air in Noblesville, IN After Fire Damage Restoration

Noblesville Indiana’s’ leading retailer, which employs well over 100 people, was significantly damaged recently. Employees and vendors who depend on this store shook their heads wondering how long it will take for the fire damage restoration to be completed. Fire damage can leave visible damage on our homes or businesses. Walls, ceilings, and floors often […]

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Hoarding Cleanup and Health Safety

 The onset of Compulsive Hoarding Disorder begins to develop during childhood or adolescent years. This is when family members might say, “Johnny is a cute little pack rat isn’t he?” Or, “Suzy is such a teenager; her closet is nothing but clutter!” At that time, the thought of hoarding cleanup is a distant one in […]

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Saving Your Carpets from Disaster with Carpet Cleaning in Plainfield, IN

You found it! You found the perfect Oriental rug—perhaps more expensive than you wanted, but when laid on the living room floor, this rug says “family heirloom.” Looking out the window, you see that the sun is shining, but the weather forecast calls for drenching rains and possible tornadoes in Plainfield, IN. First, you hear […]

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