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Water Damage Restoration in Greenwood, IN

When we talk about water damage restoration and water mitigation in Greenwood, IN, we probably picture flash flood waters, broken water pipes, or overhead sprinklers set loose.  We never associate water damage from hurricanes in our part of the country. However, there is a common denominator that we would like to make you aware of […]

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Mark Your Calendar For HVAC Cleaning in Westfield, Indiana

If there is one truism in Westfield, IN, it’s that winter’s cold is always right around the corner whether or not we like the weather. The next sure bet is that people don’t want their heat source cooling down in the middle of an Indiana winter night, which is why the late summer months are […]

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When Disaster Strikes Your Carpets in Indianapolis, IN, Call the Trusted Professional Carpet Cleaners at ServiceMaster

Did you know that ServiceMaster has been professionally cleaning carpets for over 65 years? The more than six decades of professional carpet cleaning experience we have has enabled us to not only establish industry-leading techniques, but also to develop our own patented line of carpet cleaning products. That’s what 65 years of professional carpet cleaning […]

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Cigarette Smoke Removal in Greenwood, IN

It’s an instantly recognizable smell.   Whether in Greenwood, IN, or on the other side of the world, the lingering stench of stale, musty, cigarette smoke is the same anywhere you are, and that is: sour and dirty. It’s primarily experienced by nonsmokers when opening the door to a room or car that has or […]

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The Bad (and Good) News of Water Damage Restoration in Noblesville, IN

Water damage restoration services are required in Noblesville, IN, for all sorts of reasons: Burst Pipe Cleanup Flood Damage Sewer Damage Cleanup Mold Removal…to name a few.   The Bad News: All of these scenarios can create immediate water damage, future structural issues, and potential health issues if not addressed by a team of experienced […]

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What to Look for during Debris Cleanup in Westfield, IN

All disasters, whether human-made or natural, have one common characteristic: voluminous debris that is scattered and strewn everywhere. Debris cleanup might seem like a straightforward job that only requires many hands to get the task done. However, beyond what is readily visible, potential dangers can be hidden under the broken scraps and remnants that an […]

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Cleaning Up a Hoarder House in Indianapolis, IN

How do you even begin to clean up a hoarder’s house in Indianapolis, IN? Where do you start? The basement? The attic? The kitchen? The living room? Where?   In a hoarder’s house, you can have your choice of where to start because every spare square foot of space is stuffed with something. However, once […]

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Mold Removal: Combatting This Subtle Saboteur in Plainfield, IN

Maybe you’ve had a cold that you just can’t shake. Every morning you wake up with a stuffy nose and sore throat, red and watery eyes, and a cough accompanies you throughout the day.   You may not have a cold. Instead, you may be experiencing allergy symptoms from mold.   Seemingly minor cold-like irritations […]

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