Mark Your Calendar For HVAC Cleaning in Westfield, Indiana

If there is one truism in Westfield, IN, it’s that winter’s cold is always right around the corner whether or not we like the weather. The next sure bet is that people don’t want their heat source cooling down in the middle of an Indiana winter night, which is why the late summer months are the perfect time to mark your calendar for an HVAC cleaning.


Most people assume that HVAC cleaning is merely vacuuming out the ductwork running underneath the floors and above the ceiling of their homes and businesses. Yet, professional HVAC cleaning and service is so much more than that. Dirt, dust, and other debris are removed from the system, and an EPA-approved deodorizer is also used.


Consider all the various models of heating and cooling systems on the market today and each system with hundreds of components. This type of cleaning requires a trained, experienced eye with professional-grade equipment for guaranteed service. Moreover, when you consider how much we rely on these almost invaluable machines that are engineered to cool the heat of a summer squelcher and warm the freezing temperatures of a winter night, it’s smart, proactive ownership to schedule HVAC cleaning and service on the calendar in advance. If you don’t recall when you last had HVAC cleaning performed, we recommend calling our ServiceMaster DSI office at (317) 559-2231 and scheduling a cleaning appointment now.


Your HVAC systems are an expensive investment. You don’t want to think about them; you just want them to work, especially in the middle of a Westfield, IN, winter night.  To ensure your warm winter nights, make a summer call today for an HVAC cleaning from the trusted local ServiceMaster DSI professionals.


We have decades of experience in professional cleaning that can work for you. Call our ServiceMaster DSI office today in Westfield, IN, at (317) 559-2231.

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