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Hoarding Cleanup Services in Indianapolis, IN

Also Providing Estate Cleaning for Nearby Homes

Emergency situations can occur at any time, but they may come in forms other than fires, storms, or floods. Such situations may bring with them multiple levels of emotion and stress. ServiceMaster DSI provides a wide range of emergency services, including emergency hoarding cleanup, to handle any kind of disaster that you may face in Indianapolis and the surrounding communities of Brownsburg, Plainfield, and Greenwood, IN.

Hoarding Cleanup

At ServiceMaster DSI, we understand that hoarding cleanup requires gentle guidance. Our staff handles each individual situation with full professionalism and care.

We provide:

  • Tagging of items to be saved
  • Moving items, including large appliances and furniture
  • Cleaning and storing wanted items in our safe and secure warehouses
  • Complete removal of unwanted items
  • Full cleaning of the residence

Request hoarding cleanup by ServiceMaster DSI in Indianapolis to create a safe and comfortable environment for your loved ones to enjoy once again. Call us today!

Estate Cleanup

There is so much to be done when a loved one passes away. Some of the challenging tasks you will face include resolving their estate and preparing their residence for sale. Our estate cleanup services allow you to focus on your responsibilities with the knowledge that your loved one’s belongings are in safe hands. The highly-trained staff at ServiceMaster DSI handle every situation with courtesy and compassion. We move your loved one’s valuables to our safe and secure warehouses where they can be properly cleaned. While in storage, you and your family will be able to sort through the belongings without the emotional difficulty of seeing them in a familiar setting. During this time, we also provide whole house cleaning services to prepare your loved one’s residence for move-in or sale. Allow us to bring you peace of mind in your time of need.

Storm & Vandalism Cleanup

Severe storms can shatter windows and create holes in the roof or walls of your home or office. Thieves and vandals see these structural damages as opportunities to cause additional chaos in your life. ServiceMaster DSI offers storm and vandalism cleanup along with our 24/7/365 emergency response to prevent such troubles from occurring in your life. We strive to provide you with immediate security in your building. We protect your belongings from theft and further damage in our safe and secure warehouses. We repair and restore the structure of your building on-site and restore your valuables while they are in storage. Our goal is to return your home or office to normal conditions as quickly as possible.

Emergency situations bring a lot of different stresses into your life all at once. You don’t have to face them all alone. Contact ServiceMaster DSI in Indianapolis today at 317-559-2231 for our specialty emergency services. We provide hoarder cleanup, estate cleanup, and storm and vandalism cleanup in Brownsburg, Plainfield, and Greenwood, IN. No matter what emergency you face, we will provide you with restoration for both your building and your peace of mind.


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Hoarding Cleanup Provides a Clean, Clear Path to a New Beginning