Hoarding Cleanup and Health Safety

 The onset of Compulsive Hoarding Disorder begins to develop during childhood or adolescent years. This is when family members might say, “Johnny is a cute little pack rat isn’t he?” Or, “Suzy is such a teenager; her closet is nothing but clutter!” At that time, the thought of hoarding cleanup is a distant one in Westfield, IN.


But as children grow older, the severity of their Compulsive Hoarding Disorder can begin to overflow into a full display of disarray. That is when all sorts of troubles can occur for the hoarder and his or her family:

  • Evictions
  • Legal actions
  • Hospitalizations
  • Structural damage to the hoarder’s home


These are emotionally taxing disruptions for the hoarder and for everyone involved. With all of these potential challenges that must be dealt with, it’s understandable to overlook the most critical issue at hand, and that is the health and safety of the hoarder and any family members who may live with him or her.


The effects of hoarding can be alarmingly disruptive to healthy everyday living. Personal hygiene can become a real issue. How can a person shower when shower stalls have become storage units? Dirty, soiled clothes are worn daily as washers and dryers also have become reservoirs of collected items. Kitchens have become infested with rodent droppings in cupboards and cabinet drawers. No sunlight comes through the windows because the glass is blocked by stacks of “stuff” that is psychologically important and highly valued to the hoarder — so much so, that it becomes a detriment to the hoarder’s health, which he or she is willing to sacrifice in order to fill the need to gather and collect.


The truth is hoarding cleanup is, can be, and should be a life-changing event; but, unless the hoarder is ready for that change to come, it can become a stalemate battle between the hoarder and family members, creating even more stress and tension. However, with compassion, patience, and respect, presenting health issues and concerns can often be the first step in the recovery process.


Our ServiceMaster DSI technicians are trained to use the latest cleaning tools, products, and techniques; and our teams are also educated to fully understand that hoarding cleanup is a delicate issue to confront. We know the reality of health safety issues for the hoarder and their family, and we are here to help in Westfield, IN. It’s what we do.


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