Hoarding Cleanup Provides a Clean, Clear Path to a New Beginning

We understand that it’s often an arduous undertaking to help a friend or family member who is a hoarder realize that the time has now arrived for hoarder cleanup help. Your local ServiceMaster professionals in Zionsville, IN certainly empathize with what can be an emotionally draining endeavor. ServiceMaster professionals receive specialized sensitivity training for hoarding cleanup situations. We’re here to help.


Here’s what to expect when our teams arrive:


  • Compassion and Dignity – We understand that hoarding is an illness that lends itself to a slow recovery. We take our time to listen and understand each client’s unique situation.
  • Walkthrough – Often lost in the chaos of cluttered hallways and rooms are items that need to remain; family heirlooms and personal possessions that have been forgotten and lost. We don’t come in and do a mass disposal of everything in sight. These items can often be positive reminders to the hoarder of uncluttered yesterdays and give them hope for an uncluttered tomorrow.
  • Waste Removal – After the walkthrough is complete and items that need to be kept are safely removed and stored, our teams will begin the process of removing and hauling away trash, debris, and unwanted items.
  • Identify Problem Situations – After the waste is removed, our team will begin to identify the specific problem areas which the hoarding may have caused. Moisture buildup often occurs behind and beneath all the clutter, leading to an assortment of issues which need attention. Services including carpet cleaning, mold removal, odor mitigation, and repair of structural integrity issues will be performed at this point. Your local ServiceMaster professionals in Zionsville, IN are trained, equipped, and experienced to handle any issues that may arise during the hoarding cleanup.
  • Cleaning and Restoration – We guarantee that the residence will be clean and disinfected, and Items that were saved and set aside during the walkthrough can often be restored to their original state.


When the hoarding cleanup is complete a new perspective for the hoarder can begin. Sunlight is once again streaming through clean windows, the air is fresh, and items once thought lost are recovered and restored.


We understand that cleaning up after a hoarder can be a trying and emotional experience for all the parties involved. Call our office in Zionsville, IN at (317) 559-2231 today.


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