Don’t Let Disaster Damage Defeat You! Disaster Restoration Professionals Are Available in Greenwood, IN Now!

Did you know that the risk of tornado damage in the Greenwood, IN area is considerably higher than the national average? In fact, the National Weather Service estimates that since the year 2000, Johnson County has experienced roughly $53 million in damages from tornado occurrences alone!


While our area is flush with the natural beauty of the White River and Big Blue River and its tributaries, it should be noted that 24% of the state of Indiana was historically wetland areas. As you already know, it’s not a question of if there’s going to be flooding –- it’s a question of when.


Of course, not all disaster damage is the result of naturally occurring events. Unfortunately, some disasters are man-made. From housefires to plumbing problems or any other unexpected events, disaster damage can be as small as water-stained walls or much more significant such as structural damage to our home or business.


Regardless of the loss we’ve experienced, we all have the same initial and emotional response; “I just want things back to the way they were.”


Nobody wants to see their hard work and money go to waste.


ServiceMaster DSI is here to tell you that you don’t have to throw out or replace your possessions. You don’t have to watch your hard work and money sit on the curb waiting for the weekly trash pick-up.


ServiceMaster DSI’s professional technicians go through training specifically for disaster restoration, enabling them to apply the latest techniques with state-of-the-art equipment to perform your disaster restoration needs confidently.


Our clients are amazed and overjoyed with what our technicians can do to restore those items that they value most. You too will be pleasantly surprised, but more importantly, you’ll be relieved. Relieved to know that ServiceMaster DSI disaster restoration professionals available 24/7/365 with the know-how and team experience to keep you from having to watch your hard-earned money and efforts get blown or washed away by tornadoes, flooding, or burst water pipes.


When confronted with the need for disaster restoration, contact ServiceMaster DSI immediately at (317) 926-1000. Our team in Greenwood, IN will walk you through a step-by-step process and plan that will meet and exceed your disaster restoration needs.

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