When Disaster Strikes Your Carpets in Indianapolis, IN, Call the Trusted Professional Carpet Cleaners at ServiceMaster

Did you know that ServiceMaster has been professionally cleaning carpets for over 65 years? The more than six decades of professional carpet cleaning experience we have has enabled us to not only establish industry-leading techniques, but also to develop our own patented line of carpet cleaning products. That’s what 65 years of professional carpet cleaning experience affords you. If you live in Indianapolis, IN, why would you call anyone else?


When Carpet Disaster Strikes

In most home disaster scenarios, whether it be natural like a flood or human-made like a cherry red paint spill, carpets seem to take the brunt of the dirt, debris, water, and occasional gallon of cherry red paint. As Newton’s Law of Gravity affirms: “What goes up must come down.” Moreover, what comes down comes down and settles deep into your carpet. You know, the carpet that feels so good on your bare feet? the carpet that your children roll around and play on every day? the carpet that your customers first notice when they walk into your business? That carpet.


Carpet Cleaning to the Bottom

Some serious suction is needed to extract all the water and moisture from carpets, let alone all the debris and dirt now taking up residence between your carpet fibers. The truth is, the machine you rent from the local grocery store is not going to be able to remove all that water and debris. That is why our professional carpet cleaning teams arrive with high-power truck-mounted water extraction equipment for each carpet cleaning job.


Not All Carpets Are Made the Same

Each type of carpet, shag or commercial is constructed differently, requiring not only different cleaning techniques, but also different cleaning products. Each carpet manufacturer has set guidelines to best clean its products. Unless you are a professional carpet cleaner, you are more than likely not familiar with these recommendations. We are.



Which Carpet Cleaning Solution for Which Carpet?

Moreover, the cleaning solution that comes with your rented machine may claim to clean all stains, but we know better. Sixty-five years of professional carpet cleaning has taught us that, which is why we have a full line of our own ServiceMaster carpet cleaning products, one of which is guaranteed to clean and restore your carpets. These are products that you can trust. We certainly do.



Cleaned, Restored, and Just Like New

When you call professional carpet cleaners, you want more than clean, fresh smelling carpets. You want your carpets to look and feel like they are brand-new. You want the plush feeling on your bare feet, smiles on your children’s faces, and positive impressions for your customers when they walk through the front door of your business.


That new carpet look and feel is what you can expect from our professional carpet cleaning teams in Indianapolis, IN.


Disaster doesn’t have to be the end for your carpets. Call our offices today at (317) 559-2231, and one of our professionals will give you a detailed step-by-step process of how we can give you that new carpet look and feel today.

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