Cleaning Up a Hoarder House in Indianapolis, IN

How do you even begin to clean up a hoarder’s house in Indianapolis, IN? Where do you start? The basement? The attic? The kitchen? The living room? Where?


In a hoarder’s house, you can have your choice of where to start because every spare square foot of space is stuffed with something. However, once you’ve figured out where to begin, the more pressing questions arise.


What kind of cleaning products are needed? The house is not only dirty from floor to ceiling, but it also reeks. It smells rotten, and is is going to need cleaning and disinfecting. This typically requires more than one product. Which products should you buy? Don’t they all work the same?


What kind of tools are needed for restoring and cleaning a hoarder’s house? Carpet cleaning machines, floor buffers, handheld vacuums, sprayers, window squeegees, power saws, power drills, painting supplies.  Hoarding cleanup requires almost every tool in the book.


What kind of experience and skill set are required to operate all these specialty tools? If you don’t own the tools, you’ll have to rent them. Do you have enough time and money to learn how to operate these specialty tools successfully and to get the job done right?


Moreover, don’t forget the heavy lifting. Before you can clean and disinfect and paint or replace the floors walls, and windows, there is the first issue to deal with, and that’s removing all the “stuff.” Who is going to do all the heavy lifting? Who is going to take the items out of the house and properly contain and/or dispose of them?


What happens when, during the course of cleaning up a hoarder’s house, you discover significant structural damage to the home, such as roof, electrical, or plumbing damage? The effects of long-term hoarding almost always lead to structural issues with the house. Now you’re facing are a whole other set of tools and skills needed.


Cleaning up a hoarder’s house is overwhelming, and the previous questions are but a few of the questions that can bring on an incredibly stressful situation.


At ServiceMaster in Indianapolis, IN, we understand the enormity of the task at hand and know it is overwhelming.  We are here to help with the cleanup and for every question presented: What cleaning products? What tools? Who is going to do the heavy lifting? Who will legally contain and dispose of any contaminated trash? Is a construction crew needed to fix any structural damage?  What items can be saved and restored?


At ServiceMaster in Indianapolis, IN, we can answer those questions and do the work.

There is no need to call one company to clear trash, and another to clean carpets, and another to paint, or still another to rebuild. One call to us does it all. Cleaning up a hoarder’s house can be stressful and overwhelming. We understand, and we can help.

Call our office today at (317) 559-2231. We know where to begin.

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