Cigarette Smoke Removal in Greenwood, IN

It’s an instantly recognizable smell.


Whether in Greenwood, IN, or on the other side of the world, the lingering stench of stale, musty, cigarette smoke is the same anywhere you are, and that is: sour and dirty. It’s primarily experienced by nonsmokers when opening the door to a room or car that has or has had a smoker. Without professional cigarette smoke removal, that stale cigarette smoke smell lasts forever and packs a hard punch to the nose. The immediate air quality almost has the tangible taste of soot and ash. It’s a real turn-off.


It can also be a deal breaker.


Scenario One: You’ve recently acquired rental properties to enhance your future income. The previous owners allowed smoking. Not only is cigarette smoke removal required from all the rooms, but the kitchen, living room, and bedroom walls are also significantly stained from cigarette smoke. Prospective tenants and income will quickly walk out the door without cigarette smoke removal.


Scenario Two: Your dream transportation just came on the market, a 32-foot RV complete with captain’s chairs and a king-sized bed. The color is right. The miles are right. The price is right. Everything is a go, and retirement is right around the corner. The only problem? You guessed it; the previous owners were smokers. Don’t drive away disappointed. You can call ServiceMaster DSI at (317) 559-2231 for a complete cigarette smoke removal from the carpeted floor to the window treatments to the tiled ceiling, which will make that dream RV smell like it’s yours.


The smell of cigarette smoke is so strong and lingers so long because of all the different chemicals and toxins that are associated with manufactured cigarettes. Chemicals and toxins are released when the cigarette burns. Those chemicals and toxins then soak into upholstery and seep into HVAC systems that can produce adverse health issues and continue to circulate the stench of stale, musty smoke.


Our cigarette smoke removal services clean the air, not just mask it with chemicals intended to smell like an artificial spring. Our goal is for you to smell nothing but clean. Our cigarette smoke removal services include stain removal and any smoke damage restoration that may be needed. For health purposes, we also highly recommend our HVAC Cleaning service as well.


Whether home, business, auto, or RV, please call ServiceMaster DSI Greenwood, IN, offices for all of your cigarette smoke removal needs. We’re available at (317) 559-2231.

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