Breathing Clean Air in Noblesville, IN After Fire Damage Restoration

Noblesville Indiana’s’ leading retailer, which employs well over 100 people, was significantly damaged recently. Employees and vendors who depend on this store shook their heads wondering how long it will take for the fire damage restoration to be completed.

Fire damage can leave visible damage on our homes or businesses. Walls, ceilings, and floors often left covered in a charred mess can be cleaned and repainted. Personal belongings or store merchandise burnt to a crisp will be replaced. Not only do you anticipate this taking significant time, but you’re concerned about the loss of business. Fire damage is multifaceted, and you know it’s critical to have professionals who deal with fire damage restoration begin the task immediately.

Walking by the building, you see that the walls and floors are cleaned and repainted. The shelves looked stocked, and there isn’t a trace of the burnt smell that lingered for so long. You assume that the “Open for Business” sign will be on the door the next day.

However, here’s where the ServiceMaster DSI professionals slow down and tell you, “We aren’t quite done yet. Just because the repaired damage looks good on the surface, it’s the things that you don’t see that can be potentially even more damaging.”

This is what our technicians specialize in: going beyond the surface and thoroughly cleaning air duct ventilation systems that contain debris from the fire. This residue, depending on the items and materials that burned, could contain carcinogenic toxins that can cause potential health risks to employees, customers, or your family.

Our ServiceMaster DSI technicians perform fire damage restoration from the inside out for residential and commercial properties in Noblesville, IN, and you can be confident that our restoration services are performed efficiently and in a timely manner. Call us today at (317) 926-1000.

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